I have been fascinated since my early childhood by paintings.
My earliest recollections of paintings are by those of Vermeer and Rembrandt,
I still remember the feeling of calm and total peace when I first saw a Vermeer.

And I will remember forever, the moment when I first came up close to a real Vermeer in London, when I was able to stand in front of the work of the painter, to be as close to his canvas as he was, to see his view of the surface of the painting.

I was fortunate a couple of years ago, to find myself in a room with a Vermeer in Vienna,
it was the picture that I’d first seen as a child – the one that gave me such a sense of peace.
I felt as though I’d came home.

And as for Rembrandt, well – he is an absolute master, without doubt,
I can almost hear him breathing when I stand close to his self portraits.

This early interest in Vermeer and Rembrandt does not mean that I simply stayed on a narrow course.
I simply love art, with all of its varied branches and roots.

But I always return to representational art,
my inner compass needle sways always true to imagery that I can connect with.